the body is never done improving, it is always progressing.”

About Evolution Fitness

Evolution Fitness is a personal and small group training studio whose mission is to provide the highest quality, customized personal training services integrated with high caliber nutrition counseling and massage therapy to optimize the health and physical performance of its clients.

There is a progression to the training provided at Evolution Fitness – the progression of gradual improvements in strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and agility. Clients can expect that their individual needs and fitness goals will evolve with the guidance from the studio’s very knowledgeable trainers, whether the client’s goal is weight loss or improved physical performance. Coupled with nutrition counseling and massage therapy services, Evolution Fitness provides each client with the best opportunity for optimizing their individual fitness goals.


Quality training begins with a comprehensive fitness assessment. During the first meeting, the trainer conducts the assessment where clients are asked to complete a detailed health history questionnaire, a movement screening, and a body composition assessment  (circumference measurement and body fat %) if desired. This allows the trainer to collect important data on health issues and any previous injuries, weakness or imbalance that may need to be addressed in the programming.  From there, the trainer will set goals for the client based on their results and their individual health and fitness needs. This assures a program that is customized to fit the individual needs of the client and is a good opportunity for new clients to meet the trainer and determine if the personalities are compatible.