Personal Trainer
 “I believe that by providing accurate information and an individualized approach to fitness I can help people reach their goals, enjoy the experience and ultimately live longer, healthier lives. My approach to training provides my clients with improved strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and agility for optimal physical function. With the help of our trusted wellness providers, I can provide my clients with the tools necessary to make the best choices for their health.”

With over a decade of experience as a fitness and wellness professional, Erica has worked in a variety of settings, from large gyms and university facilities to small studios. In each venue, her primary objective has been to assist clients with a variety of fitness, wellness and health goals.

Erica has worked with young athletes as well as those requiring additional rehabilitation from injury or illness. This experience has given her a strong understanding of fitness assessment and program design for people of all ages and fitness levels.  As part of the Health Coaches team, she also has experience in health education and corporate wellness.

Erica holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine with a Business minor from the University of Southern Maine. In addition, she is certified by the American Council on Exercise.

“After working with Erica for two years now, I continue to be more than impressed with what she can offer as both a coach and a trainer. Erica’s knowledge of physiology, fitness and nutrition is amazing and her cheerful outlook is great to experience as you continue to push yourself both physically and mentally toward your goals.  I originally started working with Erica to improve my overall fitness, but as I made gains she made me realize that I was capable of much more.” – Chris M.


One-on-one fitness training is available by appointment only.  Please call 207.747.4279 for an appointment or to learn more about group fitness classes currently offered.