Julia Kirtland

With over 30 years as a competitive athlete, and elite runner, I understand the physical toll that occurs in the competitive athlete.  I utilize my knowledge as an athlete and experience and credentials in massage to help clients recover and maintain their strength, endurance and agility to stay healthy and competitive.   Many of my clients are active runners, swimmers, tennis players, cyclists and triathletes. However, I have had the honor of working with people who keep active in other ways, as well as student athletes from a wide range of sports.”

Julia Kirtland is a Licensed Massage Therapist, owner of Core3 Massage since 2004, and a former champion athlete. Julia knows firsthand the benefits maintenance massage provides athletes, whether you are on the competitive stage or a weekend warrior.

Julia is dedicated to continued education in the various massage modalities that include deep tissue work, scraping, cupping and taping. Julia primarily works with an athletic population, although she treats clients with a variety of needs, including but not limited to post surgery work and deep tissue work for those with limited mobility. Her initial appointment involves a thorough intake to determine the needs of her clients to allow appropriate treatment.

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