Mark Holmes

Founded over a decade ago by Mark Holmes, Health Coaches offers customized workplace and wellness programs aimed at helping employees and employers preserve and optimize their health while at work.

A corporate wellness assessment begins with a meeting with the HR department to determine the needs of the company. The Health Coaches team then maps out a program to meet the needs of the workforce. Health Coaches takes a proactive approach to wellness; helping businesses to reduce workplace absenteeism, lower insurance claims and increase employee participation and morale.  This approach promotes prevention and good health, as well as personal gains like improved self-esteem and self-motivation, which create tremendous advantages for both the employer and the employee.

Health Coaches programs include: lunch-and-learn sessions; behavior modification programs, such as smoking cessation; weight loss and stress management; and individualized personal training. Health Coaches also can customize a Health Fair for any workplace environment.

To learn more about types of screenings offered and health education seminars, contact:

Health Coaches
(207) 774-4333